What Would The Orlando Magic Equivalent To "Lighting The Beam" Look Like?

The Sacramento Kings really hit it out of the park when they came up with the idea to "Light The Beam" after wins. It gets the fans fired up, it becomes a marketable and identifiable measure...essentially a vibe for the city, especially when you're a winning team.

The Kings shooting a purple laser beam into the sky from their arena is the most random, yet awesome thing I've ever seen and it just so happens..Sacramento is finally back from the dead in terms of NBA franchises. They've gotten a lot of buzz for being the third-seed in the Western Conference with an incredible offensive rating..add in the laser beam coupled with a hungry fan base and we have something special.

Along with listeners, Kravitz and I attempt to brainstorm ideas for what to do after wins during Magic home games in the podcast clip below.

Miami Heat v Orlando Magic

Photo: Getty Images

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