What Should Orlando's Version of the Kings "Beam" Concept Be?

The Kings came up with the most brilliant marketing strategy at the start of the season to get fans enaged with going to the home arena. Lighting a big laser beam into the sky when they win games. Now, its a sensation and I'm sure many markets will want to copy this.

Jason Gallagher who works on the JJ Redick podcast nailed it with this tweet the other day- “Every small market team this offseason will be asking themselves…so, what’s our version of the beam?”

Here’s the story behind the beam…in case you were curious.

 The beam was inspired by the LA Angels' "Big A" sign in their stadium. The sign lights up whenever the Angels win a game. John Rinehart, the Kings' president of business operations, took the idea and ran with it.

The Owner, Vivek, loved it…wanted to do something different. So- instead of lights, Ranadive went for the lasers — 1,000 watts of RGB laser power. 

They put out a media release in September of this year…they were mocked for it. And now, we’re here.

The question then becomes, can you copy this? And if so, how should the Magic take advantage? I have a couple of ideas.

  • The Stuff Fall- Stuff the Dragon jumps (safely) from a high up region of Amway
  • Light the Lake. Thinking Lake Eola. Nearby. Don't love this one though, a little too beam-like.
  • Play the Song! This one already sort of exists, everyone loves the old-school Magic theme. So the team could just lean into that.
  • Magic dancers. People have been clamoring for the dancers to come back...what if they only danced upon wins? Then it would feel special.
  • Winning T's. Everyone gets fired up for the t-shirt cannon. What if the Magic had winning t-shirts they shot into the crowd upon their victories?
  • Blue Light Special. When the Magic win, every light in the arena turns blue.

Objectively horrible ideas...but these are just thought starters.

Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings - Game Two

Photo: Getty Images

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