Betting Odds Shift for the #1 Overall Pick in the NFL Draft

The Panthers slid up to #1 a couple weeks back but they haven't exactly made it known who they are targeting with the top pick. In fact, I'm not positive they traded up with any 1 QB in mind, they just knew they wanted one, and they didn't want to have the guy they fell in love with get swiped away from them. Its an unorthodox strategy, usually when a team unloads draft capital and players, they know exactly what they want. So, with this being the case for Carolina, all we can do is follow media reports and the good-ole trusty betting market.

This odds shift gives us a better idea of how they could be thinking inside that front office.

Just a week or so ago, CJ Stroud out of Ohio State was -200 to be taken #1 overall. Not a slam dunk by any means but certainly a strong indicator. Well, the odds have shifted to where now both CJ Stroud and Bryce Young are checking in @ -115.

The odds for #2 overall to Houston has Bryce Young at +105 and CJ Stroud @ +185. So if you think the shift @ #1 is telling us anything about Bryce Young's likelihood of going 1, +185 for Stroud at 2 becomes great value.

Something to consider as we comb through these breadcrumbs.

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