What Do The Magic Need To Do This Offseason To Become A Playoff Team?

The '22-'23 Orlando Magic blew past their over/under win total, Paolo Banchero was the real deal in his rookie season, and it took until April 4th for the Magic to be officially eliminated from Playoff contention..I'd call that a successful season.

The Magic have draft picks, cap space, a new CBA that should benefit them, and a developing young nucleus that is gaining confidence as we head into the offseason. These are all things that point to a franchise that is moving in the right direction and it feels like we should expect them to become a Playoff team next year..but what do they need to do this offseason to make sure of that? I'm of the belief that if they add more three-point shooting and three-point defense, that will do the trick.

Kravitz and I brainstorm offseason ideas and discuss our thoughts on this season in the podcast clips below.

Orlando Magic v Chicago Bulls

Photo: Getty Images

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