Spotrac: The NBA's New CBA Should Benefit Smaller Market Teams

The NBA's new CBA is designed to help smaller market franchises who normally build their teams through the draft, end up with an opportunity to attract bigger name players because of less implications for going over that first luxury tax threshold. While on the other end of the spectrum, there will be a "super tax" which would impact teams like the Warriors who have gone over that second "apron" of the tax thresholds, which may or may not stop the bigger market teams from spending more money.

There is also a regular season tournament on the horizon that would be built into the regular season, round robin style, and the winners would make $500,000 each which would be huge for players on minimum contracts.

Mike Ginnitti of discusses the NBA's CBA in more detail in the podcast clip below.

Orlando Magic v Chicago Bulls

Photo: Getty Images

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