Kravitz: The Women's Game Won the Weekend

Please understand, I am not saying this in an effort to pander. I have been quite open about the fact that I have not been following the women’s game…I’ve got no issue with its existence…I just don’t follow it, I feel like I barely have time to keep up with the sports I do follow, so women’s college basketball just hasn’t made the cut.

But, with that said, I am always a fan of a “big fight feel” and this weekend’s games had it. Friday night Iowa vs undefeated South Carolina. Caitlin Clark, whose highlights and praise have been impossible to avoid on social media, she absolutely went off, scored 41 points on Friday night, willed her Iowa team to a win, despite coming in as an 11.5 point dog.

So, between that and the colorful attire of Kim Mulkey, I was intrigued by the final. 330 on Sunday afternoon, even my wife was excited to watch this game, which is always my barometer for when a sport is hitting the mark for a casual fan. And the event flatout delivered. The pageantry was that of a big time title game, the arena in Arlington was packed, the crowd was buzzing, the promo packages got me hyped. It was awesome. LSU controlled most of the game but Caitlin Clark was as advertised for someone like me who sat down and watched a full game of hers for the first time. She’s got Steph Curry like range from deep and passes like LeBron, its amazing.

Of course, you had the moment with the taunt from Angel Reese that went viral, but that’s all part of the spectacle of sporting events. Attitude, debatable moments, and a big fight feel. That game had it all and it was easily the most talked about sporting event of the weekend.

LSU v Iowa

Photo: Getty Images

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