Angel Reese's Antics Are Part Of What Makes Sports Great

I can't even claim to have watched the Women's College Basketball Final between LSU and Iowa but I can say that I've seen the clips of Angel Reese's theatrics that sent the internet spectators, don't we like to see emotion in sports?

Angel Reese aka the "Bayou Barbie" got the last laugh in a highly competitive event where the stakes were the highest..and she ultimately trolled Iowa star Caitlin Clark who was seen giving the "you can't see me" motion in a previous tournament game. While it obviously wasn't the best sportsmanship, it was bold move that got people who don't even follow the sport to talk about it, which feels like a win for women's nobody was physically hurt.

As a baseball fan who has seen bat flips and showmanship become part of the modern game, I think it's great to see athletes who put everything into their craft get to be themselves and show emotion. Also, as a New York Football Giants fan who also understands the "talk is cheap, play the game" Tom Coughlin never know what the blowback will be and if you can't back it up, you might end up looking bad but I appreciate the bold move when said athlete delivers. Of course, there's also elements of race relations involved.

Kravitz and I give our thoughts on this during Tozzi's Take in the podcast clip below. We also discuss the men's Final Four and preview in the Natty in the other podcast clip.

LSU v Iowa

Photo: Getty Images

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