Is 15th Seeded Princeton Being Slept On Because Of FDU's Win Versus Purdue?

On the Monday after four straight days of consuming big time college hoops, the angles and takes are endless but what are the first themes that jump out?

Kansas State's Markquis Nowell helped get his team through Kentucky and got everyone's attention with primetime dimes and serious range from his 5'8" stature. 16th seeded FDU stuns 1st seeded Purdue and loses to FAU in the round of 32. The 15th seeded Princeton Tigers beat 2nd seeded Arizona and 8th seeded 7th seeded Mizzou to advance to the Sweet 16. Houston seems like they might be able to withstand some of the injuries and Brandon Miller of Alabama looked healthy enough. The Big East looks like they're back and the SEC had a nice showing during the first two rounds.

A lot to sift through, but Kravitz and I dive into some of the things that stood out in the podcast clip below.

Princeton v Missouri

Photo: Getty Images

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