Who Is Winning NFL Free Agency So Far?

NFL rosters are too big to be able to properly fix by just signing free agents, but which teams have spent their money most efficiently and addressed important needs? I immediately think about the 49ers strengthening a strength by bringing in Javon Hargrave from the Eagles, the Giants finally got themselves a formidable inside Linebacker (also made a risky move trading for TE Darren Waller), while the Bears and Falcons have been the biggest spenders.

I personally think the biggest moves in the NFL offseason will happen in the trade market, whether that is now or during the NFL Draft.

In the podcast clips below, Mike Ginnitti of Spotrac.com discusses contract details for Darren Waller, Jimmy G, Javon Hargrave, among other notable moves and Kravitz and I react to what we've seen so far.

New Orleans Saints Introduce Quarterback Derek Carr

Photo: Getty Images

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