Kravitz: Has Anyone Really Gotten All That Much Better in NFL Free-Agency?

NFL free-agency got going yesterday – not an overload of splashy names, but still interesting…still NFL acquisitions. That’ll always peak our interest.

I’m seeing Jimmy G go to the Raiders, the Falcons & Bears spend a ton of money, Jamel Dean stayed in Tampa, the Broncos got Mike McGlinchey, the 49ers who were already really good defensively added DT Javon Hargrave.

I guess this is my cynical view of what we’ve seen thus far. But has anybody actually gotten better?

Do you feel any different today about the landscape of the NFL? It seems like every year, we have a team or 2 that spends in a way that we look and say "oooooo, they might not have been contenders before, but they sure are now!"

I don’t get that feeling.

Are the Raiders really that much better with Jimmy G than they were with Carr? Are the Broncos to be taken seriously because they upgraded at OT? The Falcons and Bears have a long way to go before I can say that they should be taken seriously, even if they’ve spent good $ to improve.

Even Aaron Rodgers to the Jets – what does that actually do for them? I’d still have them as the 3rd best team in the division. Sure, the gap shrinks a bit, but its not like I’m falling over myself to put them in the Super Bowl.

I’m even a little pessimistic on the Jalen Ramsey trade to Miami. Looks A+ on paper but the Dolphins have a bad track record of adding guys a year to late, and having a big name with a big paycheck, that plays like a big dud.

I just don’t see the improvements out there…but, maybe I’m missing something.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints

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