For Magic Fans..It Looks Like It's Time To Focus On NBA Draft Prospects

After losing to the short-handed Milwaukee Bucks at home on Tuesday night, the Magic trail the 10th seeded Wizards by 4.5 games with only 16 games remaining and it officially feels like it's time to look forward to the draft and offseason from a fan's standpoint.

The Play-In Tournament was our goal on In The Zone prior to the season and because of the injuries which led to the 5-20 was always going to be tough to overcome and it's a credit to this team to have made the run they made to stay in the race until about now.

The Magic roster features the Rookie of the Year and multiple promising players, chemistry, and a culture that is starting to brew...add in two more Lottery Pick assets and cap space..the Magic have nothing but good things to look forward to.

Kravitz and I discuss more in the podcast clip below.

West Virginia v Kansas

Photo: Getty Images

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