Brandon Kravitz Has a Solution to the Annual NBA MVP Debate

So, yesterday, I saw JJ Redick’s name trending in the middle of the show – click it – he’s accusing Kendrick Perkins of claiming that white NBA MVP voters are racist, and says that the show First Take promotes such behavior…(the clip from JJ is below)

I don't really have any interest in getting into the racial side of this discussion. It's a no win situation and both guys are probably wrong for some of the claims that they made. There you go there's my super political answer.

I do think it's interesting though that we get so fired up about the MVP award every single year. The fact of the matter is, and this has been the case my whole life, every year you can make a really good case for multiple guys. It is really difficult to accurately select 1 individual and say – yep, they were way better than everybody else.

There’s so much talent oozing all over this league – superstars across both conferences that completely carry their organizations…it’s a league built on valuable players. Has been, will be. Keep in mind, MJ didn’t win the MVP award every year he played in the league, neither did LeBron. Yet every year, they’re just as “valuable” as the year before.

So, this idea isn’t going to be popular among the angry participation trophy crowd, however, I think we should award 2 MVP’s every year starting now.

East MVP. West MVP. Do it like baseball and do it right.

Please, and thank you.

Appreciate you coming to my TedTalk.

Denver Nuggets v Milwaukee Bucks

Photo: Getty Images

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