Digesting The Franchise Tag Deadline With Spotrac's Mike Ginnitti

It's a busy time in the NFL offseason and during today's show, news broke that the Ravens gave QB Lamar Jackson the "non-exclusive" Franchise Tag and the Giants gave Daniel Jones a 4-year, $160 extension.

The Ravens will be able to match an offer sheet if they find the market value to be reasonable, otherwise they'd receive two first round picks if another franchise gives Lamar Jackson "the farm." Meanwhile, the Daniel Jones extension looks like the going rate for QBs, $40 million per year..but based on the news that has since come out, it sounds like the contract will be backloaded and the team will have flexibility to get out of it after two years if they need to.

Mike Ginnitti helps analyze the franchise tag deadline in the podcast clip below. Also, if you'd like to hear me react to the Daniel Jones extension in real time, we have that for you as well.

Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens

Photo: Getty Images

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