Major League Baseball Could Thrive In Orlando But Won't Ever Get The Chance

After attending Tuesday's Rays Yankees Spring Training game right here in Orlando, the immaculate vibes hyped up Brandon Kravitz to open today's show talking about the concept of a potential Major League Baseball team being a successful business venture in central Florida.

Of course, because of the Marlins and Rays track record with attendance, MLB would certainly look at other cities like Las Vegas, Nashville, etc first before looking to put a 3rd team in Florida. Not to mention, the climate doesn't help...a retractable dome would probably be needed, and Tampa Bay could potentially block a team being located here unless it was the Rays themselves.

Kravitz and I discuss what would make Orlando a fun baseball city, but also the reasons that it is highly unlikely to ever happen in the podcast clip below.

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays

Photo: Getty Images

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