Monday Notebook Mahomes Magic, The Penalty, Halftime, Commercials & Parking

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles

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On the podium and every postgame interview he did Kansas City Chiefs' Head Coach Andy Reid said his offensive line, offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy were great but you need a special quarterback and Patrick Mahomes is special.

We spend hours, days, weeks and months pretending to know how, who and why which quarterbacks will be great. Circumstances always come into play why some high picks do not develop and others do. 

The Chiefs and Reid had a plan for Mahomes when they drafted him and he basically took a redshirt season sitting behind Alex Smith. Smith threw 26 touchdowns and five interceptions in 2017 as Mahomes started one game at the end of the season. The Chiefs lost to the Titans in the playoffs and Smith was traded for a third round draft pick to Washington.

The job was now Mahomes and he has become one of the best to play the position during his time in Kansas City. On an injured ankle, he guided the Chiefs to a second title in four seasons and has helped make his head coach one of the best in his profession. Mahomes is 64-16 as a regular season starter and 11-3 in the postseason.

But down 24-14 at the half here is what Kansas City did in the second half on offense:

--no turnovers, no penalties, no punts, no sacks and one incomplete pass- a throw away by Mahomes

They scored on every possession and won the game. It's nice to have a "special" quarterback...

Nuggets: Here is all that matters in the late penalty called on the Eagles, the guy called for the penalty thinks it was a penalty. James Bradberry says he tugged JuJu Smith-Shuster on a critical third down play. Should that be called then? My answer is, how much time needs to be on the clock for it to be called and not called? Did I think it was questionable at that moment? Sure, but he did tug the jersey and I thought it did impede the route. Penalty...We have reached a point in society where we have succeeded in dividing our country that half the nation will hate the halftime show and half the nation will hate all the Super Bowl commercials. If you didn't like Rihanna before her halftime performance, you don't like her today. Get over yourself. It's a made-for-tv concert that is never going to make everyone happy. As for Super Bowls, in today's tik-tok world you are amused by silly pet videos or others making fun of others. Those happen on an iPhone and are usually 20-30 seconds in length. You are a tough crowd to please these days and Super Bowl commercials are like NBA Dunk Contests- your expectations might be unrealistic...I do think when the ratings come out this will be the highest rated game ever. Close game with popular players means no reason to turn it off...FOX countdown clock for "Next Level Chef" was epic. How many people watching were thinking "man, I hope FOX gives me a live countdown to Gordon Ramsey yelling at people making a meal"...Next year's Super Bowl is in Las Vegas. One decade ago that was impossible to imagine...If Andy Reid lost 100 pounds we wouldn't like him as much...Still think Tom Brady will never work a full season in FOX booth and there's no way Greg Olsen gives up his spot. But don't be surprised if NBC goes hard after Olsen to pair with Mike Tirico and move Cris Collinsworth to studio...New rule: You are holding up a long line of cars and waiting to park in a space in a garage as another car pulls out. You can't move forward to then back in. Takes too long. Once you pass the open spot, you lose the right to park there. I will fight you on this...

Final note: Most popular Las Vegas casino game? Penny slots, nothing comes close to the amount bet on penny slots.

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