Marc Daniels: Ranking All Magic First Round Picks, Including Fran Vazquez

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As the Mo Bamba era came to an end, we will all remember his final moment as a Magic player. Bamba's verbal and somewhat physical confrontation with Austin Rivers closed out a lackluster run for the former sixth overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft. Bamba never played up to the hype and seemed to play his way out of the rotation often. Despite a promising finish at the end of last season, Bamba could not lock down a spot in this year's rotation and so the Magic moved him to the Lakers at the deadline on Thursday. Orlando signed Bamba to a two-year deal last season at an affordable salary and that made him easy to move.

So with Bamba gone, let's look back at all first round picks by the Orlando Magic and rank them by tiers based on production while in Orlando.

Tier 1: Star player

Tier 2: Starter or solid role player who produced or produces on a nightly basis

Tier 3: Role player that never developed(or has yet to develop) and/or hampered by injuries

Tier 4: No impact in any role

Tier placement is based only on the impact the player had in Orlando or the player they were traded for.

Tier 1:

Paolo Banchero(2022)- He's got that "it" thing and will be an all-star and the face the franchise has needed

Franz Wagner(2021)- I admit I am hyping a bit here but I think Wagner is a borderline all-star and will be a starter in league for a dozen years

Dwight Howard(2004)- Became the best big man in the league during his time in Orlando and led team to NBA Finals

Jameer Nelson(2004)- A Denver pick but traded to Magic for a 1st the following year and was a solid starter for a decade in Orlando

Chris Weber(1993)- Became Penny Hardaway in the trade and gave the Magic one of the best 1-2 combos in the game

Shaquille O'Neal(1992)- If he only had stayed, how many titles would the team have won?

Nick Anderson(1989)- Yes, I place Anderson here because he played a decade, most as a starter and was team's first ever pick and was productive in his role throughout

Tier 2:

Cole Anthony(2020)- Will not likely become an all-star but reliable and steady for a 15th overall pick

Aaron Gordon(2014)- Was solid but never became the start many expected him to be

Victor Oladipo(2013)- Spent three seasons and produced during his time but moved in Ibaka deal

JJ Reddick(2007)- Solid shooter in Orlando but flourished after he left

Mike Miller(2000)- Won Rookie of the Year but then moved in deal to get Gordon Giriceck and Drew Gooden

Dennis Scott(1990)- Solid and reliable and played a perfect role for that young Magic team

Tier 3:

Jalen Suggs(2021)- There is time here and he remains promising and already has become a solid on-ball defender

Mario Herzonia(2015)- Never became the shooter/player people thought as the fifth pick in 2015

Michael Doleac(1998)- Classic backup center

Tier 4:

Chuma Okeke(2019)- Can't get healthy

Mo Bamba(2018)- See above

Jonathan Isaac(2017)- He could be tier 3 but has missed so much time and no guarantee he will get back to level he was before

Domantas Sabonis(2016)- He is a solid player but the Magic traded him and Victor Oladipo for Serge Ibaka and that didn't work out

Dario Saric(2014)- He was the team's second first round pick and traded for Elfrid Payton who had a few moments but not enough

Andrew Nicholson(2012)- Lackluster time in Orlando but felt he could have been better

Daniel Orton(2011)- 29th pick and played 16 games in two seasons in Orlando

Courtney Lee(2008)- Missed the layup in the finals and dealt later for Rafer Alston and Tony Battie

Fran Vazquez(2005)- What else needs to be said

Reese Gaines(2003)- Played 38 forgetful games in Orlando but traded with Juwan Howard, Ty Lue and Tracy McGrady to Houston for Stevie Francis, Kelvin Cato and Cuttino Mobley as the John Weisbrod era got underway.

Chris Borchardt(2002)- Dealt on draft night for Ryan Humphrey-who played three dozen games before being traded at deadline for Gordon Giricek and Drew Gooden

Steven Hunter(2001)- It was bad, really bad

Keon Clark(1998)- Second of three first round pick that year and traded six months later in deal for the pick that became Keyon Dooling

Matt Harpring(1998)- Played one-year plus and eventually dealt for Andrew DeClerq

Johnny Taylor(1997)- Played 54 career games and 12 were with the Magic

Brian Evans(1996)- Not much here

David Vaughn(1995)- Really not much here

Brooks Thompson(1994)- Classic guard that didn't belong in the NBA

Bison Dele(1991)- For those who remember...oh boy!

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