What Does Playing For 4 Different Teams Do For Kevin Durant's Legacy?

Nobody has ever questioned what Kevin Durant brings to the floor as a basketball player but after the major trade the Brooklyn Nets made with the Phoenix Suns, here he is on the move yet again. When Kyrie Irving requested a trade and was sent to Dallas, the writing was on the wall that Durant could be on the move but it was still a shock to see the news.
If Durant believed he could've won a title back where it started in OKC, I really think he might've been a one-team guy, but after the decision to join Golden State, KD made it obvious he'd rather chase titles than represent one sole organization.

Kravitz and I discuss the concept of franchise-type players playing for more than three teams while still in their prime, in the podcast clip below.

United States v France Men's Basketball - Olympics: Day 15

Photo: Getty Images

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