Can You Properly "Enjoy The Moment" If You're Recording It On Your Phone?

LeBron James broke the NBA scoring record set by the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in 1984, and if you tuned into the game or happened to be in the arena, you were a witness to a record that may never be broken in our lifetime. Regardless of how you feel about LeBron, you cannot deny this record and it was just cool to see this play out with him rocking the headband like the old days, his family and Kareem in attendance, as well as all of the celebrities. (The Lakers did lose to the Thunder which made everything a little weird though.)

One thing that was noticeable in the iconic photo of King James breaking the record, was that everyone was recording the moment on their phones (besides Nike founder Phil Knight.) It doesn't come as a surprise, but can we acknowledge that it's a weird look?

Kravitz and I react to a memorable Tuesday night in the NBA.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Lakers

Photo: Getty Images

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