The NFL Needs To Adjust How They Form Officiating Crews In The Playoffs

While the Chiefs very well might have been the better team in the AFC Championship, there were several calls against the Bengals that were hard to explain. I've never been someone who blames the officials for who wins or loses a game, but the officiating in the AFC Championship just seemed to get in the way of what should've been up to these deserving teams. The refs were right to call that late-hit made by Joseph Ossai which set up Kansas City to win the game with a Butker field goal, but there were at least 3 calls earlier in the game that were brutal.

Instead of a crew made up of all-star refs from separate regular season crews, I think they should allow the crews with the most chemistry and highest ratings to work playoff games. Kravitz and I discuss officiating and the AFC Championship in the podcast clips below.

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs

Photo: Getty Images

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