Friday Notebook: $13M, Big Ten Opening, Trevor's Hair And Boarding Passes

College style football on field with a pile of money

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Can you imagine if this conversation actually took place in one of the fancy meeting rooms inside one of those $100M college football facilities:

Head coach(HC): "We got a chance to flip this kid but we need to come up in price."

Head of school collective(Money): "Tell me the price, I want to wipe that smug smile off the face of that fake billionaire bragging about all the players he has gotten"

Position coach(PC): "He's a game changer. We get him and we change the narrative."

HC: "Well, what do you think?"

Money: "How much are they offering him?"

PC: "I'm hearing $9M?"

Money: "Wow, that's a lot"

HC; "Yup, it is but we can get him if we come in a little higher."

Money: "How much higher?"

PC: "What can you do?"

Money: "Would they take $9.5?

PC: "I don't know. The dad made it sound like we'd need to really come in strong."

HC: "Can we come in at $10 or $11M?

PC: "I'd blow them out of the water man....let's do $13M!"

(laughter fills the room and then suddenly it's silent)

Money: "Coach, that's a lot of money....can you guarantee me we will win?"

HC: "Money, ain't no doubt we gonna win with this kid."

PC: "Hey, we are not gonna put anything in writing are we?"

(laughter fills the room)

Money: "Tell the dad we got a deal...and I can't wait to read that guy's twitter when he finds out the kid flipped to us."

(laughter fills the room)

Nuggets: Why would Kevin Warren want to leave his position as commissioner of the Big Ten to run the Bears? Why stay? First, Warren loved the NFL and got a ton of credit for the Vikings new domed stadium and now gets a chance to decide on the Bears future stadium plans. Second, Kevin Warren might be in line to be the next commissioner of the NFL when Roger Goodell decides to retire. Goodell is under contract through March of 2024 and some wonder if it's time for him to move on and Warren has been thought of as a potential replacement. Then there is the fact Big Ten presidents did not give Warren an contract extension and had 18 months on his current deal. While Warren deserves credit for securing a massive media deal there are critics of how he handled expansion. While UCLA and USC are joining the league, many believed Warren didn't want to stop at 16 and presidents didn't want to grow that big and that fast. He also was the guy who drove the idea of the alliance with the Pac 12 and ACC and that never materialized into anything and Warren was also criticized for how he handled the COVID 2020 season by choosing to not play to only then change his mind. Warren might be smart to bounce now with NFL opportunities before presidents let him go. One thing Warren or Big Ten presidents did was maybe save the Pac 12. If Warren wanted to grow beyond the two LA-based schools and also bring in Oregon and Washington and presidents stopped any further expansion, they may have given a lifeline to the Pac 12 to stay in business. If the Big Ten presidents make it clear to the next commissioner that expansion is off the table, it stabilizes the Pac 12 and its future...for now...Pantene. That's what he uses. The shampoo that's been around since the 1940s is what Trevor Lawrence uses to make that flowing hair look so good. Lawrence now gets the biggest stage in his young NFL career as he faces off against Justin Herbert and the Chargers in the AFC Wild Card round. In his first two NFL seasons, Lawrence has thrown for 37 touchdowns and 25 interceptions. Herbert has played three seasons but after his first two he posted 25 interceptions as well but threw for 69 touchdowns. Neither has a playoff win and both are the face of their franchise but only one uses Pantene, which locks in moisture in your hair shaft leaving your hair nourished...$13M? C'mon...Miami and Florida are a combined 24-26 the last two seasons...Vince McMahon reportedly paid over $19M to people for his questionable behavior and relationships with four women. He disappeared for a few months and then came back acting like George Constanza who tried to pretend he didn't quit his job...Kirby Smart is getting $11.25M a year. How about $13M? I hear that is a popular number...David Shaw interviewed for the Denver Broncos job. Kliff Kiingsbury went 35-40 in six seasons at Texas Tech and got the Arizona Cardinals job. David Shaw went 32-35 in his last six seasons at Stanford. He did go 64-19 in his first six seasons at the school. If Shaw returns to coach it will be his 13th season as coach. Get it? 13...

Final note: Believe it or not, the airline that averages the fastest boarding process? Southwest. Tell that to the guy with C48 who is about to get placed between two people he's never met and will never want to meet again. 

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