Is Mikey Keene Public Enemy #1 For UCF Fans After Not Playing In AAC Title?

It's never surprising when a player decides to sit for purposes involving eligibility, the transfer portal, or NFL stock in the modern college football environment. Mikey Keene was not available to play in UCF's most important game of the season, the AAC Title Game at Tulane and were dominated 45-28. The defense gave up a ton of yards but the Knights offense was rudderless with a compromised JRP and freshman QB Thomas Castellanos wasn't ready to play in a game of that magnitude.

Is Mikey Keene at fault for sitting out? Or was this on Gus Malzahn for how he handled the QB situation this year? Kravitz and I discuss more in the podcast clip below as well as Jason Beede of the Orlando Sentinel, who also gave his take on the Tulane loss, when he realized Keene wouldn't be available, and Ryan O'Keefe entering the transfer portal.


Photo: Getty Images

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