Nebraska Did The Carolina Panthers A Financial Favor By Hiring Matt Rhule

Matt Rhule was a disaster in the NFL but he has proven that he can run a college program. Nebraska recently hired him to be their next Head Coach after being fired this season by the Carolina Panthers. Rhule signed a lucrative, long term deal (7 years, $62M) with the Panthers nearly 35 months ago. Now that Nebraska swooped in to hire him, Carolina is off the hook for some of that money and Mike Ginnitti of helped explain the details on during his segment on In The Zone.

Mike Ginnitti of is the go-to-guy for sports financials and he joins In The Zone every week. On today's show, he helped explain Matt Rhule's new contract with Nebraska, the Broncos being stuck with Russell Wilson, a potential Josh Jacobs free agency, and other notable items in sports finance. ⬇️

San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

Photo: Getty Images

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