Kravitz Ranks His Top 5 Thanksgiving Day Side Dishes

It is…Time for my Tuesday rankings, and with Thanksgiving upon us I thought to myself…why overthink this one today? We’ve all got food on the brain…we’ve all got one foot out the door when it comes to our jobs…we can’t wait to get our hands on some of that turkey, some football, and of course…those delish side dishes…so let’s set our minds right- today’s top 5…

Top 5 Thanksgiving Side Dishes

5- Pumpkin Pie- Technically not a side dish but for me, anything that isn’t the turkey itself is a side dish and a pumpkin pie gets me in the Thanksgiving spirit just as much as watching the Lions fumble away a football game. It’s a staple, it’s a must and its absolutely divine. Also, make sure you put the cool whip in the fridge that way its nice and cold when you add that dollop onto your pumpkin pie.

4- Green Bean Casserole- I know there’s a lot of controversy surrounding the value of the green bean casserole but think about this – even on a day like Thanksgiving, where we care little about calories or the amount of food we intake, its still important to add some balance to the plate. To me, one of the things that is most crucial on thanksgiving is that my plate looks like a thanksgiving plate. And without green bean casserole, there’s too much brown and orange…this really brings it home…a lot of variance…we’ve all had a bad green bean casserole but when its done right, its pretty damn good.

3- Macaroni and Cheese- But not just any mac and cheese, you can’t whip out Velveeta or Kraft and add that to the Turkey Day buffet. I’m talking about the kind that takes 45 minutes to make, its got bread crumbs, it goes in the oven…as my former co-host Stefan used to say, if you’re not cutting it into squares, don’t even talk to me. So this is called mac and cheese, but really its so much more. An absolute necessity - really ties the whole plate together. A glue guy if you will.

2- Stuffing- Another dish with a lot of variance but this is one of those side dishes that we only eat on thanksgiving which is what makes it special and its why it ranks above a dish as incredible and multi-functional as a mac-and-cheese. Stuffing is like a goal line specialist…you don’t use it all the time, but when you need it, its beyond clutch…also, extra points for how good stuffing is as a left over.

Number 1!- Sweet Potato Casserole- Main eventer. Toe-to-toe with the turkey in my opinion. If I go to a house and they don’t have a sweet potato casserole, I’ll just leave. I don’t even say anything, I’m just out. Now, in terms of how you make your casserole, I am a man of many tastes…if you want to go the basic route and throw some roasted marshmallows on top, I’m fine with that. Grew up on that. If you want to go the super southern route and add some brown sugar and some roasted pecans, not gonna fight you. I just need the sweet potato casserole present, in whichever form you choose.


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