Quick Read: Brandon Kravitz Ranks His Top 5 NFL MVP's Through 9 Weeks

How about a throwback top 5, to the original reason I started doing rankings on Tuesdays?! NFL MVP’s. Haven’t released my running list as of yet this season, wanted to let it marinade a bit. But, I think I’m ready, 9 game sample size for a lot of these players so I think we have a pretty good idea who the real ones are.

5- Tyreek Hill- Talk about an absolute game-changer for the Miami Dolphins. Tyreek Hill (along with Mike McDaniel) has changed the complexion of this offense. We thought when he came in that he wouldn’t be activated in the same way that he was in KC, but I don’t see a drop off. If anything, he’s even better. Hill is #1 in the league in receiving yards, 2nd closest is 237 yards behind, and he’s got more receiving yards than about a quarter of the league.

4- Derrick Henry- Another league leader, 870 rush yards. This one’s pretty simple. Where would the Titans be without Derrick Henry? They’re 5-3 with one of the least talented offenses in the NFL…probably bottom 5 in that regard. He is their entire offensive approach, and what’s crazy is that it actually works.

3- Josh Allen- The Bills sit atop the AFC @ 6-2 and Josh Allen is doing what Josh Allen does. Allen is 4th in the league in pass yards, he has 23 total touchdowns, and he leads his team in rushing with 392 on the ground. Allen’s had a couple stinkers and that’s why he sits @ 3, but still, went on the road and beat Mahomes, if he stays healthy, he probably wins the award this year.

2- Jalen Hurts- 8-0. He’s improved leaps and bounds. Having AJ Brown doesn’t hurt but Jalen’s getting him the ball with no issues. Hurts also leads all QB’s with 6 rushing TD’s. He’s been propped up a bit by an easier schedule, but still, eye test wise and all of that, he passes those tests with flying colors.

Number 1! Pat Mahomes- No one in the league better than Mahomes right now. The Chiefs are relying so heavily on his brilliance, he can’t have a bad game and get bailed out by his defense like Josh Allen can…or get bailed out by his run game like Jalen Hurts can. Mahomes is the Chiefs and the fact that this team is sitting @ 6-2 is solely because of what he does for them week to week. #1 in the league in pass yards, #1 in passing TD’s, and among the QB’s who have attempted over 300 passes, he’s tied for the 2nd fewest INT’s.

*honorable mentions: Saquon Barkley, Micah Parsons, Geno Smith, Tua, and Sauce Garnder

Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs

Photo: Getty Images

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