Top 5 Sporting Events Kravitz is Looking Forward to as We Wrap Up 2022

Time for this week's TOP 5 RANKING!

Today I’m rolling with my Top 5 Sporting Events I’m looking forward to as we wrap up 2022: two months left in the calendar year we’ve got two mega holidays coming up in this country and loads of sporting events to close out 2022 which in my opinion has been easily a top 2000 sports a year all time. No question. Let’s get to it top-five sporting events I can’t wait to see as we wrap up the year…

5- Paolo vs LeBron @ Amway- December 27th, mark it in your calendars. It’s a passing of the torch moment! We’ve seen the side-by-side stats of their first few games in the league, they play similar, show out similar, and we’ll get to Witness our young star go one on one with a living legend. Can’t wait.

4- NBA/NFL on Christmas- Oh what a day it will be. Waking up with nothing to do that day but watch my son open some presents, drink coffee, gorge myself on food, and watch a full-slate of NBA and Packers vs Phins @ 1pm. Might be the perfect day.

3- Thanksgiving football- Only to be outdone by Thanksgiving Football, which is the greatest tradition this great country has. Bills/Lions which will provide A+ napping material, followed by Giants/Cowboys which is a monster game, and then Pats/Vikings as a night cap…I’m already planning on betting the Pats and fading Cousins in a prime-time spot. Can’t wait.

2- World Cup- I might not be the biggest soccer guy on the planet, but I know a big sporting event when I see one. I wish the event happened in July but I understand its 800 degrees in Qatar at that time. We actually get to witness Team USA in this event again. The World Cup is always great, big fight feel, games on during the day, you can’t ask for anything more as a sports fan.

Number 1!- SEC Championship- It’s the Southern Super Bowl. We’ll either get Bama vs Georgia or a Bama vs Tennessee rematch. Either way, sign me the hell up. This one goes down on Dec. 3rd. Can’t wait. This weekend’s Georgia vs Tennessee game will go a long way in deciding who we see that day…

Atlanta Falcons vs Detroit Lions - November 24, 2005

Photo: Getty Images

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