Kravitz Looks to Stay Hot with His STONE COLD LOCKS of the Week

Keep the wins coming. Stone Cold Locks of the Week, scorching hot these past couple weeks. I think I’ve gone 4-1 or 5-1 in each of the past 3 weeks. Either way, season long record is something fierce. 32-16-1 coming into the week – but – if you’ve been listening, I handed out an early lock this week. Ravens -1. Cashed last night, so we’re already starting the Locks weekend 1-0, great feeling.

Overall record: 33-16-1 (67%)

UCF (-2) vs Cincinnati- This line keeps climbing, so if you want the Knights, you better hop on now. I know UCF has been frustrating, believe me, I’ve been living it too. But, this is the Gus Malzahn experience. This is exactly what he did @ Auburn and this Tiger has not changed his spots. Good news is, is that when you start getting down on his teams, there’s usually a big win coming right around the corner. UCF is unbeaten in conference play @ home under Gus Malzahn, this will be a packed house on Saturday – and UCF is just a different team @ home. Also, Cincy 0-4 ATS on the road this year. All over the Knights, lock it up.

Penn State (+15.5) vs Ohio State- Love that this is a weird noon game where crazy stuff tends to set the tone for the day. Plus, I get the Nittany Lions @ home. Ohio State has looked great when I’ve watched them this year, but they also haven’t really been tested…going in, ND was their toughest opponent perception-wise, and they struggled in that game. I’ve seen CJ Stroud put passes in harms way time and time again and he gets away with it – I don’t think that happens against a Penn State team that is anchored by polished DB play. Joey Porter Jr. is one of my favorite defensive players in the country. If their QB Sean Clifford doesn’t have a meltdown, this will be a rocking chair bet. PSU +15.5, lock it up.

Vikings (-3.5) vs Arizona- Love the fact that I’m getting the Vikings at home, love the fact that the game is @ 1pm, and love the fact that the Vikings come in off a bye. Check, check, and check. This team is probably slightly overrated at 5-1, but lucky for them, they’re not likely to get exposed just yet. This Cardinals team feasted off of 2 Andy Dalton pick 6’s last Thursday night. I’m not buying that they’re world-beaters all the sudden. This offense still has major limitations. Give me the Vikings -3.5. Lock it up.

Seahawks (-3) vs NYG- I’m afraid its time to hop off the Giants money train. Its been a good ride, I appreciate all that they have given me, but I’m in a spot now where I’ve been heavy on the Giants and Seahawks for weeks and I have a decision to make – so, I have to ask myself, who do I trust more? Pete Carroll, Geno Smith, and the 12’s or Brian Daboll’s witch craft that has the G-Men 6-1? I’ll take the home team with the QB playing out of his mind and a defense that might not be as bad as people think. Seahawks win and cover, lock it up.

Texans (+2.5) vs Titans- I know, I know its gross. But I think the Titans might have real issues with their QB position this week, so the fact that they have to go on the road in division, it’s a tough spot. Tannehill practiced on Thursday but he was limited. Just reading the tea leaves, somebody knows something – and if Malik Willis has to play, this one will be over quick, he’s not ready. So I’m taking my chance on QB injury – but the Texans have been good to me, so I’ll stay on them one more week. Lock it up.

49ers (-1.5) @ LA Rams- 1st of all, this is basically a home game for SF. 2nd, Shanahan owns Sean McVay. And I can’t wait to see what a full workload looks like for CMC in this 49ers offense, no one has seen it, and no one has the game plan for it – so Sean is in a tough spot here, getting ready for a game changing element, with no real knowledge of how he’ll be used. These divisional games are chess matches and Shanahan holds the wild-card. Plus, they’ve lost 2 in a row, and they are way better than that. I’ll take the 49ers, lock it up.

Picks I like- Patriots -2.5, Cowboys -9.5, Gators +22.5, Jags -2.5, Eagles -11, Packers +10.5, Kentucky +12, Kansas State -1.5

Minnesota Vikings v Miami Dolphins

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