Are Celtics Trying To Set A New Precedent With Lengthy Udoka Suspension?

I still cannot believe that there was a Woj Bomb dropped at 1:30 in the morning about Celtics Head Coach Ime Udoka possibly being suspended for a full season for having a consensual relationship with a female staff member.

A lot to unpack here. I can't imagine Nia Long having to find out that her partner cheated on her through an Adrian Wojnarowski tweet. I also cannot believe that a top 5 coach in the NBA who just led his team to the Finals could be suspended for a full season for doing something humans do (unfortunately), even though it was in a work place environment. There must be more to this story that we haven't heard yet.

Kravitz and I react to this recent Woj Bomb in the podcast clip below.

2022 NBA Finals - Game Three

Photo: Getty Images

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