Kravitz's Top 5 'Buy-Low' Candidates in Fantasy Football

Tuesday rankings time! With fantasy football on everyone’s mind let’s stay on that again this week. My personal trade philosophy is as such- I try my hardest not to make any rash decisions or judgements after week 1, that means no trades, no big roster moves, or anything like that. But, after week 2, that’s when I will start to take stock. Its also when most people really start to overvalue players, panic due to injury, or want to cut bait on underperforming guys.

That is why today’s top 5 is…


5- Christian McCaffrey- These coaches can’t be this dumb in Carolina. McCaffrey is hands down the best receiving RB in the NFL, and the guy has only 5 targets per game. I think Baker Mayfield is really bad for McCaffrey’s value, but this also means he’ll be fresh whenever they bench Baker, and then Sam Darnold will feed McCaffrey properly.

4- Elijah Moore- Moore is being over shadowed quite a bit by Garrett Wilson (who I absolutely love by the way) but both of these guys can be good simultaneously.  Something to keep in mind with Moore, is that he was Zach Wilson’s security blanket last year, Flacco doesn’t have those same allegiances, so its not surprising to see Flacco just scan the field for the open guy, rather than force feeding more the ball, which I absolutely expect Wilson to do when he re-enters the picture. I think people in shallow leagues will be close to dropping more, he’s done nothing this year, snatch him on the cheap.

3- CeeDee Lamb- One thing to always chase in fantasy is target volume and Lamb has that in spades. 22 targets in 2 games, he just hasn’t done much with it. So I actually think you could get him on the cheap right now, especially while Dak is out. Prescott should be back soon and the schedule lightens up for the Cowboys down the stretch as well. They play a lot of bad defenses from weeks 7 to 15.

2- Austin Ekeler- Buy now while you still can, this Chargers offense is one of the best in football, and he’s one of their key guys, so big days are coming. Ekeler had 20 touchdowns last season and that total helped boost him into the 1st round, he was probably over drafted, but that doesn't mean he’s not a great option in fantasy. No big runs as of yet, no touchdowns, that keeps his value low – but he is currently #1 in RB receptions this season.

Number 1!- Kyle Pitts- Maybe the biggest of the puzzling starts to the studs around the league. Pitts is currently TE40 in fantasy land. If you can find someone in your league that looks @ him that way, pounce now. Drake London is emerging as a clear WR1 for that team, and he’s going to start opening things up for Pitts. Pitts is too good to be this underutilized. Don’t go crazy in a trade, but if you have an extra bench RB that’s doing well or a WR you snatched off the wire that you are high on, pair him with your current TE and get Pitts on your roster.

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