Kravitz's Top 5 "Must-Add" Players in Fantasy Football

Time for my Tuesday rankings, and with this being the very first waiver wire Tuesday of the year – there’s no reason to overthink this one! As many of you may know, I am the pick-up prince, the waiver wire wizard, the infallible fabulous FAAB! Let’s get to it.

5- Carson Wentz- Man, fantasy football is weird. No one likes Wentz but he actually has some real fantasy appeal. 4 TD passes in week 1 and if you’re in a bind because Prescott is hurt, or you can’t trust Trey Lance anymore – the choice is easy. It’s Wentz. Not only does he have 2 wide receivers that help catapult his value, he also plays the Lions in week 2, and they just gave up 35 to the Eagles.

4- Jordan Mason- This guy needs to be on your add list. Mason is now the #2 back in San Francisco. Undrafted rookie out of Georgia Tech, where he averaged 5.2 YPC and scored 17 touchdowns in 4 years. But he’s above Ty-Davis Price on the depth chart and you never know with Kyle Shanahan, so he could be the guy before you know it and right now you can get him on the super cheap.

3- Jeff Wilson- Not excited about him, but he’s the starting RB in San Francisco so he should probably be your top guy, especially if you need a starter. He had a really good year in 2020, where he was north of 4.5 ypc and scored a bunch of touchdowns…but honestly, outside of that, he’s just not that good. So he’s the guy but he’s on here by default for me.

2- Dontrell Hilliard- I’m actually more excited about Hilliard, I thought he showed some pop with the Titans. He’s not going to break into that Derrick Henry workload much, but he’s a solid hand-cuff and I think he might be the teams best receiver. 3 catches 61 yards and 2 touchdowns. He has major flex-appeal.

Number 1! Taysom Hill- I’ve never been a big Taysom Hill guy in fantasy but now that he’s a designated TE on every site I look at, you’ve got to put him on your list. He’s the only TE in the league getting multiple wild-cat snaps in his offense. Clearly, he’s still a big part of what they want to do in New Orleans, and his positional designation hasn’t changed that. He actually led the team in rushing with 81 yards.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons

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