Kravitz's Top 5 Heisman Candidates After Week 1 of the CFB Season

Tuesday rankings time, and what else is on the brain today but good ol’ college football? What a weekend. All the drama, great plays, fantastic finishes, and yes…even some Heisman candidates have already emerged in just 1 week of play.

Who are those Heisman candidates? That is today’s top 5.

(I’m basing this off of the idea that I’m starting from scratch and erasing preconceived notions. Which is probably the way it should work anyway)

5- Jordan Travis- Not the flashiest box score but he got the job done and then some. Plus, he did it on prime time in a stand alone game so that has to count for something. 291 total yards, 2 touchdowns, no turnovers, and he had arguably the play of the week when he threw a touchdown pass on a dime with a defender nearly knocking his head off.

4- Drake Maye- You like stats? Good, cause this kid’s got all of em. Right now, Drake Maye leads FBS in passing yards (646) and passing TD’s (9). He’s also putting up these numbers while completing 73% of his passes. He is the QB for UNC who led the team up and down the field on the road against App State. Heisman type numbers, no doubt.

3- Anthony Richardson- Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to enter the eye-test into the courtroom. Anthony Richardson looked the part and then some. 45 yard touchdown run, spinning pump fakes with defenders in his face…he wasn’t perfect, but when the Gators needed him to step up, he was a monster. Over 100 yards rushing, 3 touchdowns. Made a big mistake early and got past it. So in control of the offense and that was his first real start @ Florida. Against a top 10 team! Sky is the limit.

2- Stetson Bennett- I thought he was a game manager? Too bad no one told him. Bennett is playing with so much confidence, and for good reason, his team is an NFL roster. But either way, he’s impressive and he’s the unquestioned leader of this Georgia juggernaut. 368 yards, 2 TD’s. Flawless execution.

Number 1!- Bryce Young- He’s the best QB in football. Knocking him off the top spot won’t be easy. He picked up right where he left off. 195 passing, 5 passing touchdowns, 1 on the ground, and he led the team in rushing with 100 yards. To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man, and Bryce is the man.

Florida v South Florida

Photo: Getty Images

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