Top 5 Offensive NFL Players from Florida in Recent Years

Tuesday rankings time...

And with Kyle Pitts showing out last night with one phenomenal 52 yard catch. It got me thinking about the offensive talent we’ve seen come out of Florida in recent years. A lot of elite college talent, but lately not a lot of these guys have succeeded very much at the NFL level. So today I explore the best of the best in recent years.

This is the Top 5 Offensive NFL Players from Florida in Recent Years

*Recent years for the purposes of this exercise, they had to have been drafted after the year 1999. 2000’s and on in the NFL.

5- Kyle Pitts- I think he’s already on the list, over 1k yards receiving last season, he’s the first TE to do that since Mike Ditka. Immense offensive talent, he’s going to be a baller in his career. He’ll eventually be #1 on the list but I had to get him on there out of the gate.

4- Aaron Hernandez- Checkered story, no doubt, but if you put his off the field crimes to the side, he was a force when he was on the field. Surprisingly, he only spent 3 seasons with the Patriots before he got into legal trouble but they were very productive seasons. 175 catches in 3 years to go along with 18 scores.

3- Evan McPherson- Drafted in 2021, he’s been one of the best kickers in the NFL and truly one of the reasons the Bengals were able to pull off that miraculous run at the end of last season. Quietly, McPherson is one of the reasons the Bengals probably aren’t going away anytime soon. In 2021, McPherson kicked 12 field goals of at least 50 yards to set an NFL record for a rookie, and made five game-winning field goals. 

2- Percy Harvin- Never even came close to reaching his potential but there were a few years there in Minnesota where the upside was on full display. And before his career was over, he compiled 353 catches, 4k yards, and 22 TD’s, so its not like he didn’t do ANYTHING in the NFL. Just didn’t reach his potential.

Number 1!- Jabar Gaffney- Most prolific Gators wide receiver in the NFL since the year 2000, not disputable. Not flashy, but not disputable. 447 catches in his career, 5,690 yards, 24 TD’s. Mildly fantasy relevant between 2007 and 2011.

Special mention for the Pouncey bros and Rex Grossman for making a Super Bowl.

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins

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