Kravitz: Draft Gabe Davis With Confidence

I drafted Gabe Davis last night in my first of my annual fantasy drafts – keeper league, I won’t get into the details but Gabe was my first pick. A slight reach, but a worthy investment – because at the end of the day, you’ve got to get your guys. Let me give you a list of reasons why you should also reach on Gabe Davis. Outside of the fact that he’s of UCF ilk.

·  Entering his 3rd season, historically that’s when WR’s breakout.

·Davis plays for a Bills offense that averaged the fifth-most total yards per game (389.3) last season and has Josh Allen leading the way, who just keeps getting better.

·The same Josh Allen that he connected with for this epic stat line in the divisional round of the playoffs: 8 catches, 201 yards, 4 TD’s.

·How’s this for a QB friendly stat- through 2 seasons- 80% of passes caught by Gabe Davis have resulted in a 1st down.

·Emmanuel Sanders and Cole Beasely have left this offense- vacating 199 targets from last year! If you add 199 to the target total by Gabe Davis last year, you’d get 262. Now, I don’t expect him to get all of those targets + all of his from last year. So let’s chop that in half. 131 targets. If he gets that, he’ll be top 10 at the position, you can guarantee it. I admit that’s loosey goosey math, but this is a hype segment.

·Anecdotal: Uber-elite offenses regularly support 2 elite passing options, so the presence of Diggs is not a problem. Isaac Bruce/Torrey Holt, Marvin Harrison/Reggie Wayne, Randy Moss/Wes Welker, Tyreek Hill/Travis Kelce. I could go on and on.

·  Finally: Davis, unlike those being drafted around him, has clear & obvious league winning upside. And at the end of the day, isn’t that the point of fantasy football? Winning?

Draft Gabe Davis.

Fantasy Pros breakdown here: Gabe Davis breakout candidate.

Los Angeles Rams v Buffalo Bills

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