Marc Daniels Column: All That Is Good In College Football

Fans cheering after team scores touchdown

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We are a week away from the start of a new season in college football. We have spent much time in the off-season focusing on the issues the sport faces. We are consumed with NIL,pay-for-play, collectives, realignment, billion dollar TV deals, the future of the NCAA, the breakways of the P5 or the Super 2, an expansion of the playoff. It goes on and on but today we put aside all the issues and negativity and focus on all that is good in the great game of college football.

Here's 100 things that make this such a great game...

Zombie Nation at a UCF home game(I had to start here)

"Heeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrreeeee come the Gators" onto the field before kickoff

The smoke in the tunnel as the Canes come out

Planting of the spear by Chief Osceola in Tallahassee

Lee Corso's headgear and pick

Rece Davis' open for every GameDay

CBS College Football opening theme

A Notre Dame home game in November with gray skies

The Big House and the Michigan's "Go Blue" banner

Dotting the "I" at Ohio State

The Rose Bowl sky at the start of the 4th quarter

The Iron Bowl

The Hedges at Georgia

The Grove in Oxford

Bevo at a game in Austin

The Backyard Brawl

White Out at Penn State

An 11am central start

A 10:40p kickoff

Night game at LSU

Clemson's run down the hill

The "Jump Around" at Camp Randall

Arkansas' "Woo Pig Sooie"

"Boomer Sooner"

Any Oregon uniform

Iowa fans waving to the children's hospital

Checkerboard end zones in Knoxville

Midweek MACtion Action


South Carolina's "2001 Space Odyssey" entrance

Chris Fowler and Herbie calling your game

A student section that never sits down

UCLA's baby blue unis

A successful onside kick

Cowbells in Starkville

The "12th Man" in College Station

The mountains behind the stadium at BYU

The triple option

The Uni-Dome



Punters from Australia

Walk ons who play

Sideline grad assistants holding up signs to call in a play

Marching bands

Mascots with weapons

Thursday night game in Blacksburg

Uncut grass at Northwestern

The blue field at Boise State

The Stanford campus


Useless halftime interviews with coaches

Camera shots of coordinators drinking diet coke

Dozens of people on sidelines with no purpose being there

Duplicate numbers

Rain in Pullman

Replay that's under two minutes

Any story told by Tom Rinaldi

A first down measurement

Scrolling through DIII scores

The Holy War

Named rivalry games

Any game in the snow

Defensive lineman who wear single digits

Steve Spurrier

Will Ferrell and Snoop on the USC sideline


Pitt's throwback light blue unis

Big and Rich opening your pregame show

Mike Leach and a pirate story

Brian Kelly and a southern accent

Nick Saban never being happy

Team walks into the stadium

Going for it on 4th down on your side of the field

A stop at the goal line on 4th and 1

A game at the Naval Academy

The true freshman who runs for 200 yards

The defense that sits in a semicircle of chairs

The strength and conditioning coach wearing the smedium shirt

The waterboy who squirts the water into the starters mouth for them

Friday night on the road going out to eat and meeting fans of your team

Pregame media meals

When North Dakota State is on TV

When GameDay's guest picker comes prepared

A doink on a field goal try

Any offensive lineman who scores

Sailgating before a Baylor home game

When it gets dark earlier and it's the start of the 4th quarter and the game is tied

Matt Campbell coaching rumors

Luke Fickell staying at Cincinnati

PJ Fleck rowing the boat

Memorial Stadium in Lincoln

The Atlanta skyline at Georgia Tech

War Eagle

A 6th year player

An argument over who is number one 

1 vs 2

Kentucky...the football school

Week 0

...whenever a new season begins

Final note: The oldest rivalry in college football is Lehigh vs Lafayette. The two have played 157 times

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