Kravitz's Top 5 NFL QB’s Who Might Lose Their Jobs Mid-Season

Not all jobs are secure. And in today’s Top 5, we will determine which lack the most safety.

Top 5 QB’s Who Might Lose Their Jobs Mid-Season

5- Tua Tagovailoa- Now look, I’ll just get this out of the way. I don’t think this is going to happen, I think Tua will thrive under a new coach, new weaponry, and a better o-line…BUT, it is possible he doesn’t. If Tua stumbles and this team, with all the investments they’ve made start 3-7 heading into the bye week, Teddy Bridgewater could be looking at some action. (Start the season vs NE, @ Bal, vs Buffalo, @ Cincy…yeesh)

4- Jameis Winston- Already dealing with some injury related issues, perhaps Jameis isn’t the same gunslinger he used to be. If he can’t activate and unlock a potent Saints offense, their new coach Dennis Allen won’t waste time pulling the trigger. There’s a reason they brought in a highly coveted back up in Andy Dalton. Laugh all you want, but Dalton is just good enough to make a coach think twice about putting a turnover prone Jameis back out on the field if he struggles.

3- Baker Mayfield- The Panthers are in an interesting position with this one, because you know they want Baker to be the guy, but the regime that was all excited about bringing Darnold in a year ago is still there. From all accounts, Sam is a much easier person to deal with, so there could be some favoritism there…if Baker struggles, and then further incriminates himself @ the podium, he won’t get the leash of a #1 overall pick.

2- Marcus Mariota- The Falcons are in complete rebuild mode and the 1 thing they seem to have going for them is 2 big-tall weapons running down the field in Kyle Pitts and rookie Drake London. If Mariota struggles to find those guys, we could see Desmond Ridder sent into the lineup really quick. We’ve seen Mariota a million times, we all know what he is, I don’t think the Falcons are overly interested in him playing QB for a sub-500 team after their bye week.

Number 1!- Daniel Jones- DG is gonna be given a shot to succeed here with some help on the o-line, quick receivers, a healthy Saquon, and most importantly an offensively gifted head coach in Brian Daboll. But, he has looked rough in practice, and the Giants are waiting for any reason to hit abort and start a new mission to find their next guy @ QB. But more importantly than any of that, Tyrod Taylor is his back up, teams love getting the Tyrod jolt in the middle of the season. Wouldn’t be surprised if we saw him get time sooner rather than later.

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp

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