Paolo Banchero's First NBA "Beef" Involves Hawks' Dejounte Murray

If you've followed social media during the NBA offseason, there's a good chance you're aware of some of the Pro-Am basketball games that Paolo Banchero has taken part of in his hometown of Seattle. This past weekend, the number one overall pick of the Magic was on the opposite end of a creative move, dunk by newly acquired Hawks guard Dejounte Murray and since then, they've gone back and forth on social media. Murray claims that Paolo was flexing his number one pick status and claims that he has now lost respect for Banchero because the NBA "changed him" (despite having yet to play a regular season game.)

As Magic fans, we should probably take this personally and use it as fuel for the first time Atlanta visits the Magic during the regular season. As a team that's trying to create a culture and identity, you hope the team and fan base can rally around this. Banchero was drafted a only few months ago and he's got people talking about the Magic.

Stefan and I react to Paolo Banchero's first NBA beef in the podcast clip below.

San Antonio Spurs v Washington Wizards

Photo: Getty Images

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