NFL Players That Have Made Kravitz's Training Camp Hype Train List

It's easy to overreact to some training camp highlights and headlines, but it's all we have to go off so far and in this business, you need to make bold calls. On today's show, Brandon Kravitz gave his "Training Camp Hype Train" list and most of the players happen to be Wide Receivers (being that he's always looking for the next big fantasy steal.) Some of Kravitz's favorite training camp moments from players are listed below..


  • Tua 65yd bomb to Tyreek Hill. 
  • Elijah Moore’s 1 hand grab from Flacco.
  • Michael Thomas all-around, looks healthy again.
  • Even Julio Jones looks good. 
  • The trey lance to Brandon Aiyuk connection looks ridiculous.
  • Romeo Doubs 4th round pick out of Nevada has been called the “star of camp” – “wowing” according to Rodgers.
  • George Pickens made a back of the end zone catch that was freakish.
  • Sky Moore’s footwork.

To hear more about the list, check out the podcast clip below. You can also hear Rays broadcaster Dave Wills discussing the state of the Rays in the second half of the podcast clip as well.

Las Vegas Raiders Training Camp

Photo: Getty Images

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