Kravitz's Top 5 "Low-Key" NFL MVP Candidates

Tuesday rankings: And this week its all about getting ready for the start of the NFL season. The official/unofficial start comes our way on Thursday with the HOF Game. Jags vs Raiders. And it got me thinking about who this year’s NFL MVP might be. Of course, you have your obvious options- the Josh Allen’s, Tom Brady’s, A-Rod’s of the world. But who are some other “low-key” options? That is today’s TOP 5!

Low-Key NFL MVP’s:

For the purposes of this exercise, I’ve got to the Fan Duel sportsbook, and I will only select player whose odds are greater than 25-1. Thus, eliminating Derek Carr and Jalen Hurts who are right on the edge of being considered ‘low-key’.

5- Tyreek Hill (300-1)- If the Dolphins are able to turn things around on offense and are truly the explosive team they look to be on paper. It won’t be Tua that gets all the credit, it won’t be Mike McDaniel, it’ll be Tyreek Hill. Especially if a Dolphins breakout coincides with a Chiefs drop off. Over 1,500 yards from scrimmage, a winning record, and about 20 TD’s could get it done.

4- Deebo Samuel (150-1)- He’s a gadget guy. We love those. It’s like the old Heisman campaign, the more you do for your team in different roles, the more valuable you appear. If Deebo is used as a runner and a pass catcher again, he’ll be on everyone’s short list all year long.

3- Jonathan Taylor (60-1)- I truly see a 2k yard season in his future, he’s an absolute beast. Last season, he finished with 600 more rush yards than the 2nd best RB and compiled over 2100 yards from scrimmage. I think he’s got more in the tank, and if he surpasses those #’s you have to give it to him.

2- Micah Parsons (200-1)- They have not given an MVP to a defensive player since Lawrence Taylor in 1986, so this is a long shot. But if anyone has a chance to do it this year, its Parsons. Last year, AS A ROOKIE, he was 6th in the NFL in sacks. He plays in a division where its really easy to get after the QB. And his team is likely going to finish towards the top of the NFC East. If he blisters the sack record, he’s got a shot…and I don’t see a path for anyone else.

Number 1!- Trey Lance (40-1)- Its so obvious. 1st of all, the 49ers are set up for success all the way around, so he’ll look better because of it. They have a good run game, good receivers, a great defense, and a rockstar coach. On top of all that, he’s got a big arm and he’ll pick up yards and TD’s running the ball. This is the Mahomes/Jackson path to an MVP all over again.

Atlanta Falcons v Dallas Cowboys

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