Aaron Judge Is Doing Barry Bonds Things And It Needs To Be Acknowledged

For whatever reason, it feels like America's Pastime has fallen to third in popularity to American Football and Basketball, but Aaron Judge is must-see-tv and is every bit a star as anyone in sports. He's currently on a pace to hit 67 Home Runs (also hitting .299/.384/.680, OPS 1.063) while leading the first place New York Yankees, on a contract year.

If you take time to watch this man play, he does everything...plays Gold Glove defense, has a rocket arm, and steals bases on top of hitting majestic shots at a high rate. Last night, they said if he were a team by himself, he'd rank 13th in Home Runs since the All Star break.

Judge is putting himself in position to make big time dollars in the offseason. It's truly one of the best "prove-it" seasons in sports history. If he were to do something crazy like break the Home Run record, what on earth would that contract look like?

Kravitz and myself discuss some Judge vibes and the Dolphins losing a 1st round pick in the podcast clip below.

Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees

Photo: Getty Images

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