Kravitz's Definitive Top 12 in Fantasy Football for 2022

I told you last week I was going to whip out my definitive Top 12 in fantasy football. PPR 1 QB…all the usual stuff for reference…and it should always be mentioned…every league is different, fantasy players have allegiances, there are different rules, settings…how you manipulate the waiver wire, is the league active in trades, all of those things matter when you are determining who to draft. Especially in the 1st round.

So, with that said. Here are my Definitive Top 12 players in fantasy football this season:

Top 12:

  1. Jonathan Taylor
  2. CMC
  3. Cooper Kupp
  4. Justin Jefferson
  5. Ja’Mar Chase
  6. Austin Ekeler
  7. Dalvin Cook
  8. Najee Harris
  9. Stefon Diggs
  10. Davante Adams
  11. Derrick Henry (1,495 touches since 2016…missed half the season last year)
  12. D’Andre Swift

Thought process: JT is the safest of all safe options @ 1, after that, everyone has their own version of a draw back. CMC has an injury history of course but his upside is that of the greatest fantasy player EVER. The WR's @ 3, 4, & 5 have a clear path to be the best player in fantasy, and then after that its really pick your preference. I want to land a RB that can score 18 to 22 ppg, and then I'll be all over WR in round 2. But, I'm not going to reach on quality backs in split backfields like Javonte Williams, so that's why Diggs and Adams draw the round 1 grade.

Players just outside the top 12 for me: Mark Andrews, Saquan Barkley, Deebo Samuel, Joe Mixon, CeeDee Lamb, and Aaron Jones.

Washington Football Team v Carolina Panthers

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