Kyler Murray's Contract With Cardinals Admits That He Doesn't Watch Film

Kyler Murray's $230M extension with the Arizona Cardinals includes an "independent study" addendum according to reports, which virtually admits that he hasn't been one to do his homework.

If you're as talented as Kyler Murray when the play breaks down, it is almost understandable why he wouldn't watch as much film as other QB's, but after the Murray-led Cardinals have seemed to plummet late in the season, it's time to do take a look at the tape.

Kyler Murray now has $230 million reasons to watch film and we discuss more in depth in the podcast clip below. Kravitz's conversation with Mike Ginnitti of can also be found below and he discusses that there are real ramifications if he doesn't watch his 4 hours of film.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams

Photo: Getty Images

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