You Only Have 14 More Days...

This is your official notice. The wait is almost over. In fact, it's so close we actually start a countdown.

Because in only 14 days we get the NFL back! Now of course it's preseason football, but we want it and we miss it, so we're going to watch it.

We of course start out with the Hall of Fame Game on Thursday August 4th. Then one week later, its a full weekend of NFL action and just a few short weeks till the start of the season. Yea, yea we know preseason it's as robust as the regular season. But it's better than watching the Colorado Rockies play the Milwaukee Brewers.

And you know what else it means?? We're that much closer to NFL Fantasy drafts.

Listen folks, it's time. Time for draft lineups, time for office pools, time for tailgating, time for the Dallas Cowboys to be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. So dust off your window flags, break out the chips, find your favorite seat at your local brewhouse and be prepared to put your phone on silent. It's just about our time.

T-minus 14 days and counting...

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