The Answers To Paolo's Past, Present And Future...In A Different Way

2022 NBA Draft

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The Magic are better today than they were yesterday because they added one of the best players available in the draft. WIll Paolo Banchero become a Hall of Fame player and lead the Magic to their first NBA title? I have no idea. 

But let's look at life 30 years ago when the Magic did draft a player who had a hall of fame career and led the team to the NBA Finals. In 1992, Orlando drafted Shaq and the franchise changed instantly. The Magic have not changed like that today. But life in 1992 was a bit different than it is today. And what might the future for the Magic look like with Banchero on board? Let's hope it rivals the run Shaq gave the Magic but here's a different look at the present, present and future of the world with Paolo Banchero has the number one pick in the draft. And what might the world look like in 30 years when the Magic are doing business in 2052:

Gas was $1.25 a gallon in 1992 and today is $4.80. In 2025, gas will likely be less than $1 a gallon because electric cars will likely take over and might even be flying machines. But gas will still be around for those "antique" cars you are driving today.

A loaf of bread cost $0.75 30 years ago and today cost on average $1.75. By 2052, bread will likely come in 50 different forms and cost over $4.

The Ford Taurus was the top selling car in 1992. The Toyota Corolla is tops in sales today and by 2052 the Tesla Model XXV will likely be the best selling car and may sell for north of $1M.

In June of 1992, Batman Returns was the number one movie in the country. Today, Top Gun: Maverick sits atop in revenue earned and in 30 years "Top Gun: Maverick's Bond With Dom" will combine the aerial expertise of our best fighter pilots with the Fast Furious' crew's ground street tactics to give us a must see film.

The cost of a ticket to a movie in 1992 was $4.15. Today the average price is $13.50 and by 2052 you won't be in a theater anymore. You will be able to sit in a virtual 3D theater with friends and watch a new release as part of the 46 streaming services you are paying well above $800 a month for.

In 1992, AOL cost you $11.50 a month. Today, AOL(for the nine people still using it) goes for $30 a month. In 2052, there's no way it's still around.

"Roseanne" was the top tv show in 1992 with an average audience of 36M viewers each week. Last week, "America's Got Talent" was the top rated show with 6.3M people watching. By 2052, "Squid Game: It's Real and Dangerous" will top the charts and sadly have a massive audience.

It cost you $34 for a ticket to Disney World in 1992. Today will cost you $109 to enter the park. By 2052, expect to pay 3.56578323 Bitcoin to get in.

If you wanted a Big Mac in 1992, you paid $2.50 compared to $3.99 today. By 2052, we will learn what the "special sauce" is made of and you will pay $9 for that two-all-beef-patty special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickle, onion on a sesame seed bun.

"Sonic Hedge Hog" and "Super Mario Land" were the top video games in 1992. Today, "Elden Ring"(I have no idea what that is) tops the charts for most popular video game and 30 years from now "Sonic Hog vs Elden Ring IX" will be played on a video wall at your home as you compete with other players from a different planet.

The 1992-92 season saw the Chicago Bulls win their third straight title and Shaq was named Rookie of the Year. The 2022-23 season will give the Warriors a chance to win their 5th title in nine seasons and Paolo Banchero has a chance to be the Rookie of the Year. By 2052, the NBA will feature 40 teams, playing a 64-game schedule, with a worldwide in-season tournament and Draymond Green will still be cussing on tv and Stephan A will still be yelling at us...

Final note: Paolo Banchero was a backup quarterback his first year of high school and his team won a state title.  

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