The Odds For #1 Overall Pick Changed Again, Jabari & Chet Are Neck & Neck

On "In The Zone," we have been sure to keep tabs on who Vegas is claiming to be favored to be selected at number one overall in the NBA Draft. Just last week, Jabari Smith was -600 (wager $600 to make $100) to be the number one overall pick while Chet Holmgren was +325 (pays over 3 to 1.)

Suddenly, Jabari Smith is -175 and Chet Holmgren is +115. Being that these odds changed after Smith's workout with the Magic, we wonder if that had something to do with the odds change. Even Paolo Banchero went from long shot odds (26 to 1) for the top selection to 9 to 1 odds.

In the podcast clip below, Kravitz and I find out the odds change in real time and discuss what a "good" workout from Chet Holmgren would mean. Jake Chapman of the Magic Radio Network adds to the conversation in part two.

Memphis v Gonzaga

Photo: Getty Images

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