Did Celtics "Troll" Warriors By Adjusting The Hoop Before Shootaround?

Prior to Game Three of the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors' warmups had to be paused because players noticed the hoop looked like it was too high. It turned out that the rim was in fact two inches too high and needed to be adjusted back to the normal 10 foot height.

"It's a good thing the game starts at midnight", Steve Kerr said jokingly referring to the 9pm Eastern Time tip-off.

Anything goes when you're playing for a Championship, if you can distract players from the task at hand for even one second, it could be an advantage. You have to wonder if there was some gamesmanship involved by the Celtics.

In the podcast clip below, Kravitz and I discuss themes from Game Three.

2022 NBA Finals - Game Three

Photo: Getty Images

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