Tozzi's Prop Shop: NBA Finals Game One

Game One of a brand new series can provide an opportunity to beat some Vegas odds because nobody knows exactly what this series looks like just yet. Golden State has had a long layoff and Boston just finished two straight gauntlet series against the reigning champs and the Heat. Most people are assuming that no matter who wins the series, the Warriors win tonight. I expect an entertaining Game One. Here are some of the props that caught my eye.

Jordan Poole - 20+ Points (+285), 6+ Assists (+630), 3+ Threes (+205), Top Point Scorer (+5000) - A lot of pundits are talking about the liability he can be on the defensive end but I think he needs to have a big series offensively for the Warriors to win. I feel pretty good about him erupting in at least a few games this series.

Grant Williams - Over 10.5 Points (+270), 3+ Threes (+550) - I've been a huge Grant Williams guy all postseason and it always feels like good value to me. 11 points and 3 threes doesn't seem like a hard ask, he's been right in that ballpark the entire postseason.

Marcus Smart - 6+ Rebounds (+240) or 4+ Rebounds (-156) - Marcus Smart does seem like the key to the series because of his capabilities on both ends of the floor. He's here to scrap. In two games agains GSW, he averaged 19/5/8. I even sprinkled money on him and Jaylen Brown to win Finals MVP at wild odds.

Draymond Green - 10+ Rebounds (+240) - In the series against the Grizzlies, Draymond went for 10+ rebounds three times and it feels like he'll need to play big like that in this matchup against the Celtics.

2022 NBA Finals - Media Day

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