Why Chet Holmgren is the Number 1 Overall Pick

So, a lot of emotion here. Tuesday night could’ve gone so many directions…and frankly, so many directions that I would’ve been perfectly content with. BUT, we had lady luck on our side last night and damn does it feel good.

The Magic have been the pillar of irrelevance for years and years, Orlando hasn’t been top of mind for basketball fans in this country, outside our district, since Dwight forced his way out and we had that weird presser with Stan. That’s when I was an intern on this station. I’ve been waiting for this. I’ve been dying for this. And we got it.

Now, the question is, what do we do with it? Well, fortunately or unfortunately its not up to us. It seems like cynical magic fans – or citizens of orlando as I call them – don’t really think it matters, they just think the team will screw it up.

I, on the other hand, am so optimistic about the top 3 players in this draft, I don’t think they can screw it up. I think Chet, Jabari, and Paolo are all going to be some form of really good in the NBA…we just need the magic to find the one that’s going to be the best…I think its Jabari. BUT, I’m so certain that’s not who they’re taking…I’m not even letting myself get excited about that.

They’re taking Chet. Write in stone, graphitie it on walls, put up a billboard, print the jerseys. It’ happening and I’m just gonna get behind it. I’m drinking the chet kool-aid. I know that’s who they’re taking.

Things I love about Chet-

·Highest ceiling. He’s the only player of the 3 that could be elite on both ends of the floor. He’s an elite shot blocker, he can pass, he can dribble, he’s got speed, and he can shoot. No one else posses the abundance of skill Chet has in his arsenal.

·Opposing players shot 31% when one on one with Chet.

·80% shooter near the rim. Which means he can finish. For reference, Jalen Duren who is a much more physical player shot 70% in those situations.

·I think he can be what Staps should’ve been OR if you’re really going pie in the sky – think Dirk but with elite defensive skill.

Hammond and Weltman recent draft history includes: Giannis, John Henson, Thon Maker, Pascal Siakum, Jonathan Isaac, Mo Bamba...that's a lot of wingspan.

Memphis v Gonzaga

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