Will Magic President Jeff Weltman Be A Good Luck Charm At The Lottery?

The NBA Draft Lottery reveal ultimately determines the future for NBA organizations and the Magic have as good a chance as anyone to land the number one overall pick. While Magic fans should be optimistic, they should also be prepared for any scenario in terms of how the lottery shakes out considering the three worst teams record-wise have the same 14% chance at the number one pick, which isn't that high of a number.

In this year's draft, there are three "can't-miss" prospects in my opinion so if the Magic end up selecting within that top three, they should celebrate. Magic President of Basketball Operations Jeff Weltman will be at the Lottery reveal to represent the organization just like he did last year, however they ended up picking at 5 (and the Bulls pick they traded for at 8.)

In the podcast clip below, Kravitz and I discuss strategy in terms of who teams send to represent them at the lottery, the Reds losing a no-hitter, Patrick Beverley's Chris Paul slander, and a potential Drew Brees return.

2021 NBA Draft

Photo: Getty Images

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