FM 96.9 The Game Featured Guests

The Beat Of Sports

Tuesday - 1035am

Orlando Sentinel - National College Football writer

Thursday - 10:35am

Pro Football Network - College Football Analyst and NFL Draft Senior Director

Friday - 10:35am

Former UCF Men's Basketball Player

College and NBA analyst

In The Zone

Tuesday - 4:00pm

Spectrum News 13 and anchor of Spectrum Sports 360 discusses the biggest local sports stories in Central Florida

Tuesday - 4:30pm

Co-founder and editor of, covering all of the contractual and transactional news in sport every

Wednesday - 3:35pm

Raheem Palmer covers the betting side of the NFL/NBA for

Wednesday - 4:00pm

Former UCF Knights Men’s Basketball star BJ Taylor discusses the top stories in college basketball, college athletics, and the NBA with a unique player prospective

Wednesday - 4:20pm covers everything from fantasy football, to the NFL Draft, and college football

Thursday - 3:35pm

Pro Football Focus and host of the Tailgate podcast discusses the analytics behind the success of the best NFL/CFB players and teams

Thursday - 4:00pm

On air at WDAE in Tampa gives us the latest on all things Tampa sports

Friday - 4pm and the Against All Odds Podcast provides his Best Bets of the Weekend across the entire sports landscape

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