A Reminder That Great NBA Draft Lottery Odds Don't Guarantee You Anything

Finishing with a bottom-three worst record in the NBA gives those three worst teams the best odds (14% chance) to land the number one overall selection in the upcoming draft. However, the fourth worst record has a 12.5% chance at landing the number one selection which really isn't too far off. While 14% is more than 12.5%, the new NBA Lottery format guarantees you nothing.

Tankathon.com allows you to simulate NBA Draft Lottery position based on current lottery odds with how teams currently sit in the standings. As of now, the Magic are in the bottom three worst records of the NBA (by 1.5 games over OKC) which gives them their best chance (14%) at a number one pick.

In the podcast clip below, we "spun the wheel" five times and the results were....

2019 NBA Draft

Photo: Getty Images

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