Mike Ginnitti: Watson's Cap Number Could Reach $80M In The Next Few Years

Based on how Deshaun Watson's contract is structured and the money that has already been guaranteed, we could see an outrageous cap hit down the line. He'll be making $1M this coming season and $46M next season. I've never seen a contract like this, especially because of the current situation surrounding the soon to be 27-year-old Quarterback. While I think it was a shot worth taking for a Browns roster that feels like they're a star QB away from making a legitimate run, Co-Founder of Spotrac.com Mike Ginnitti feels like it could be a devastating contract for the Cleveland.

"This contract is going to be a nightmare in four years because, the morality part of it...there's absolutely no way out. There's nothing that can be down here to cancel, void, even move on from this contract outside of him being traded once again."

For more on Watson's contract details, how Jameis Winston made $28M, and Carlos Correa's short term deal with the Twins, make sure to listen to the podcast clip below with Spotrac's Mike Ginnitti.

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans

Photo: Getty Images

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